How to use the MySQL GUI client HeidiSQL with a remote DB server

Most IDEs nowadays work nicely with remote servers. But how about MySQL? phpMyAdmin is ok when you only have to use it once in a while, but a pain in the a… for everyday work.

So I wondered if my favorite MySQL Client HeidiSQL (which has a slightly stupid name, but this shouldn’t keep you off from trying it!) was able to help…

… and it was! You simply have to use the connection type “MySQL (SSH tunnel)” and set up the two tabs in the Connection Manager correctly:

1. Tab "Settings":
- Hostname:
- User: [mysql-user]
- Password: [mysql-pwd]
- Port: 3306 (default)

2. Tab "SSH tunnel"
- SSH Host: [server-name]
- Port: 22 (default)
- Username: [ssh-user]
- Password: [ssh-pwd]
- Local port: 3306

(thanks to Thomas Haller for the nice aggregation!)

It simply works like a charm (given a decent internet connection, of course) and gives you all the comfort a lazy Windows user wants (and needs :-).

Another tip from Thomas blog: if you experience problems with the connection, try to delete the path to the plink.exe. This will show the error messages which otherwise would be suppressed.

cwmobileredirect v1.4.3 released

After more than two years of no active development on my Typo3-Extension cwmobileredirect I decided to release a new version, because it is still in use by quite some people. I’m really glad it was helpful for others so far!

Amongst small bugfixes and changes it is now prepared for Typo3 6.x and comes with a handy update script which will allow easier updates in the future.

For those of you who have not yet heard of this cwmobileredirect (there might be one or two people still out there): this little extension, that was developed in the Pre-Responsive-Web-Era, detects mobile devices and redirects the user appropriately. Actually it does a little more, so if you’re interested you can read more in the official Typo3 Repository (TER):