Clean Code in PHP – My first book

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After many months in the making, my first book – Clean Code in PHP: Expert tips and best practices to write beautiful, human-friendly, and maintainable PHP – has finally been published end of October this year.

Together with Alexandre Daubois from SensioLabs, the company that created the Symfony PHP framework, I teamed up to write down my experience as a PHP developer and team lead to help other PHP developers to write clean and maintainable PHP code.

This book is for early-career PHP developers who wish to avoid writing messy code by learning how to write understandable and maintainable code that sets them apart from rest. The book assumes familiarity with PHP coding and principles, but no knowledge of advanced principles will be necessary.

Find out more what the book is about:

  1. What is Clean Code and Why Should You Care
  2. Who Gets to Decide What “Good Practices” Are?
  3. Code, Don’t Do Stunts
  4. It’s about More Than Just Code
  5. Optimizing Your Time and Separating Responsibilities
  6. PHP is Evolving- Deprecations, Evolutions, and PSR
  7. Code Quality Tools
  8. Code Quality Metrics
  9. Organizing PHP Quality Tools
  10. Automated Testing
  11. Continuous Integration
  12. Working in a Team
  13. Creating Effective Documentation

You can buy it at Amazon or directly at Packt Publishing.

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