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Codequalität in PHP verbessern 🇩🇪

Improve code quality in PHP 🇬🇧

Have you ever wondered why the code of some open source projects looks so clean, tidy and simply “high quality”? Even though many different developers are involved?

In this LinkedIn Learning course, experienced PHP developer Carsten Windler teaches you how to write PHP code that meets the usual standards and shows you how to find and fix errors and avoid them in the first place.

You will learn a variety of practical tools and workflows. There is a focus on teamwork, because working together on software in particular requires clear rules and discipline in implementation.

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Green Coding – Grundlagen 🇩🇪

Green Coding – Basics 🇬🇧

Stopping climate change requires the help of each and every individual. This also includes software developers. After all, IT is making an ever-increasing contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

In this LinkedIn Learning course, Carsten Windler introduces you to various concepts relating to green coding. You will learn how to write software that produces less C02 and what you can do to reduce emissions from websites. You will also learn how to use the cloud as sustainably as possible and much more.

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