Second chance – Old notebook refurbished

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My 5 or 6 year HP Compaq 6910p still is in good shape. Back in the days it was a very decent business machine and served me well many years. Surely it is not comparable to a top notch notebook anymore, but totally ok for easy development or browsing.

However the Windows XP installation wasn’t bearable anymore, took ages to load and as we all know it won’t be supported from next year on. The hard drive was very slow and already made strange noises sometimes.

So I decided to give my old pal a second chance and ordered

  1. Windows 7 Pro for 30 € (erm … not sure if this is really legal … a DVD with a worn license sticker labeled with “Dell” from eBay)
  2. A new hard drive for 40 €
  3. A new battery pack (Cheap China copy) 25 €
  4. Pressure air for cleaning the fan 6 €

The new hard drive performs way better (at least that’s my impression, I didn’t benchmark it), and the fresh Windows 7 installation loads really fast again! The new battery doesn’t even run half the time the old used to do, but I don’t expect long train rides in the next months. So as a roundup:

  • Investment: 101 €
  • Fun factor: As much fun as installing dozens of tools can be
  • Environmental aspect: I guess one Notebook minus a hard drive and a battery pack
  • Result: totally worth it!

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