A normal day, a normal bug

After fixing approx. 5 billion bugs (+/- 1 billion) in my life so far, I have a clear picture of how a bug ticket should be written to actually support the developer rather than wasting his time. Maybe this is the reason why I always get a bit mad when I read descriptions like The… Read More »

npm & Windows

Again, Windows can cause problems you would not have expected. In npm versions prior to 3, npm stores dependencies in deeply nested folder structures, causing errors on running ‘npm install’ such as Obviously, this is a ridiculously long path and exceeds 260 characters – and Windows can’t handle that. Not sure why “they” (you know… Read More »

Getting dead pages from Google Cache

It happens from time to time that URLs don’t work, be it temporarily or permanently, for whatever reason. Since Google soaks up the internet like a sponge, you can try to fetch a copy from the Google Cache by putting “cache:” in front of the URL and search for it: cache:carstenwindler.de Try it out!


“Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful? Ahhh, that smell.” Carsten’s fingers were running gently across the black case of their new colleague, a Blade Server with dozens of cores and hundreds of Gigabyte of storage, inspecting all those little details here and there. “I think I’ll call her Babette!” “Well, finally we got it.” Mike… Read More »

Typo3 CMS hooks and namespaced classes

During work on my extension cwenvbanner to make it compatible with Typo3 CMS 7.2, I came across a good old friend, the hooks array $GLOBALS[‘TYPO3_CONF_VARS’][‘SC_OPTIONS’]. Since I sometimes struggle with the way how to declare the class and function to be called, I decided to write it down here – once and for all 🙂… Read More »