Getting the subclass name in the parent class

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A mistake that I keep making – I have a class that extends another class, and I need to know the class name of that subclass. However the function where I need the name is in the parent class. In this case the magic constant __CLASS__ won’t work, as it will return the name of the class where it is found. get_class() won’t work, too. Not without an important difference:

[code lang=”php”]
abstract class Foo
public function getClassName()
return __CLASS__;
// or return get_class();

public function getSubClassName()
return get_class($this); // the reference $this is important here

class Bar extends Foo {};

$bar = new Bar();

echo ‘1. ‘ . $bar->getClassName();
echo ‘<br>’;
echo ‘2. ‘ . $bar->getSubClassName();

This will result in

1. Foo
2. Bar

The first function call returns the (in my case) incorrect name of the parent class, while the 2nd function works as I need it.

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