Mocking magic methods with PHPUnit

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Updated: as pointed out in the comments below, using setMethods() or, since this function is deprecated lately, addMethods(), is the much better way for the mocking of magic methods with PHPUnit!

$mock = $this


$this->assertEquals('myResult', $mock->myMagicMethod());

Original post: If you want to test a method of an object which is supplied using the magic method __call(), you can’t simply mock the desired method. You have to go the longer way via __call(). So e.g. if your magic method you want to mock is called “myMagicFunction”, you could be tempted to write

[code lang="PHP" light="true"]

since, after all, it is a mock, right? So why wasting time? Obviously PHPUnit (Version 4.5.0 at the time of writing) is doing some sort of internal checks, preventing our laziness and forcing us to mock the __call() method instead. I can only guess the reason here, any comments with more insight on this topic are highly appreciated!

Of course, mocking the __call() method instead is not much more work

[code lang="PHP" light="true"]
    // Be sure to pass the method argument(s)
    // as array, even if you only have one
    // argument!

However PHPUnit will not throw any Exceptions if you use the first approach, instead it will only return NULL instead the expected ‘myResult’. This can be a bit frustrating 🙂

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