cwmobileredirect in the TER

As almost every extension I guess, this was developed because I needed the functionality for a project. Obviously some others found it useful too, by today it has over 3.800 downloads.

cwmobileredirect enables easy to handle redirection to a mobile version of your Typo3 website. A common approach is to fully load the non-mobile optimized version first and then ask the user to switch to the mobile version. Since this can be really annoying, this extension hooks into the Typo3 rendering process very early and redirects to the mobile version before the desktop version is even submitted.

It uses the detection script from to very effectively detect almost all mobile devices. Furthermore it supports Cookie-based switching between the normal and the mobile view.

Of course it can be also found on Typo3 Forge:

cwmobileredirect on Typo3 Forge


cwenvbanner in the TER (still alpha, but getting better!)

If you ever worked with Typo3 and different environments (e.g. Test, Staging, Live), you might know that warm feeling of Adrenalin rushing through your body when you realized: “Dang, I was on Live all the time”. Don’t be afraid, help is near!

It adds a small, customizable Banner in both Frontend and Backend of your Typo3 environments (cw = Carsten Windler, env = environment and banner = banner, yeah, you got it already, didn’t you?) to visually guide you to the correct browser window all the time. Yes, I really wrote this extension for me in the first place. Wait a minute, where did I just dropped that table…

It comes with absolutely amazing killer features, e.g. the banner can be configured to be visible only for certain users, and much more! Be sure to have a look at the (until I find the time to finish the documentation… yes, yes, I know…).

If you find bugs, or you have cool ideas for more features, don’t hesitate to do so:

cwenvbanner on Typo3 Forge

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