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config on github

I used this simple configuration class in some smaller projects already, so I decided to extract it as a package. Albeit being small and simple, it usually offers enough functionality when you just want to read configuration from plain PHP arrays (either inline or from files).

It was designed to not add any other dependencies to your project. If you require YAML support, this could e.g. be achieved by using a 3rd-party YAML parser.

More information and examples can be found in the README file.


http-helper on github

A bunch of helper functions can be useful during your everyday work with http requests and responses, using the two most common formats for PHP currently: PSR-7 and Symfony HttpFoundation.

Using requests or responses as object representations is of course convenient during programming, but having a look at the simple plain text of it is much easier if you need to debug your code.

These little functions (which are basically more or less just utilising other packages) allow you easy access during debugging sessions. Check out the official documentation for examples and more details!

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