Clean Code Days 2016 – Opening Keynote

Clean Code Days 2016

End of June this year I had the honor to hold the Opening Keynote at the Clean Code Days 2016 in Munich. Actually my first talk on a Conference ever, I called it “The Lone Stranger, or: Why you can’t establish Clean Code on your own“.

It covers the wide range from how to convince Managers and Co-Developers to start clean coding, over to tips and tools on how to change a legacy project from sloppy code into better and one day maybe even “Clean Code”.

Opening Keynote on Youtube


I wasn’t able to watch it in full yet (boy, my voice sucks ;-), but I hope you like it!


Currently I’m attending the 10th International Typo3 Conference (or in cool: T3CON14) in Berlin, and although it is not over yet I really liked it so far. Not only because of the great location in one of the hippest parts of Berlin, or the tasty food, or that I was able to carry home a 3-years supply of stylish pens, no … the atmosphere is fantastic and it is very nice to see the faces behind the names. Also many sessions where very inspirational. My favorite so far was the brilliant speech of Clemens Prerovsky (Aloha-Editor).

Also, and I’m definitely no fanboy, but to attend a speech of the Typo3-founder Kaspar Skårhøj was really something I would not have expected after all these years 😉