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cwmobileredirect now ready for Typo3 6.2

Version 1.4.4 of cwmobileredirect has just been released. It now officially supports Typo3 6.2. There are no other new features or bugfixes, so if you don’t want to use it with 6.2, you don’t need to update. By the way: cwmobileredirect has now been downloaded over 4.000 times – thanks 🙂

cwenvbanner released

Now working with Typo3 again (Love .. Hate … Love … ), I thought it would be nice to finally publish my old cwenvbanner Extension. In short, it adds small banners to the Frontend and Backend of your Typo3 environments, so you don’t mix up the browser windows anymore so often. You can learn more… Read More »

Create your own PHP extension (on Windows)

Have you ever thought about writing your own PHP extension? There are surely a few pro’s and con’s about creating PHP extensions to solve problems, rather than write PHP libraries. But this is not the question here. I was curious. So come on Internet, let’s see what you got for me… http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/topic/244215-introduction-to-creating-a-php-extension-for-windows/ http://blog.slickedit.com/2007/09/creating-a-php-5-extension-with-visual-c-2005/comment-page-2/ Looks a… Read More »