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Frameworkless – the new black?

International PHP Conference June 2021 – Online

 IPC 2021 logoFrameworks are undoubtedly helpful. They wouldn’t exist otherwise. Yet are they always necessary? What drawbacks do we blindly accept when we chose our beloved framework again for the next project without even thinking about if it fits the actual problem? And why is it cool to consider oneself a Symfony or Laravel developer instead of a PHP developer?

In this talk we’ll have a brief look at the history of PHP frameworks in general, discuss their good and bad sides and eventually come up with the unthinkable: why not try going without a framework in the first place? We will discover the standardisation that has happened within the PHP ecosystem and how it helps to achieve framework-less applications.

Finally, we’ll have a look at a simple webservice written in Vanilla PHP. We will consider when it is beneficial to use a framework, when we should rather ditch them and if there maybe is a sweet spot in-between both extremes.

Refactoring – Change your running system

Eurostaff Meetup January 2020 – Berlin

January 2020, when Covid-19 still was some sort of freaky virus going around in China only, I had the please to speak on the Eurostaff Meetup about Technical Debt and Refactoring.

The talk was about my experience with Technical debt, which I also wrote down in this series of articles.

Go here for the slides of my presentation.

Continuous Testing and beyond – Software Quality in Web projects

Test Automation Day Conference 2018 – Berlin

Surely it’s not a new insight, but software with lesser bugs leads to happier customers, non-frustrated developers and eventually increased revenue. So why not just test the heck out of it in the first place?

Well, this still has not yet settled in the DNA of every web developer. This talk is about the options you have if you want to test Web projects in, let’s say, the PHP ecosystem.

Of course it’s not limited to that, as we don’t go into any language details. We start with the the basics, explore what measures might be easiest to use in your project (a bit like these “low hanging fruits” that creepy sales guy keeps babbling about), make a detour on some advanced or probably even exotic testing techniques, have another short stop on Software Quality measures and finally end up with the conclusion that testing simply has to be automated and happen before every single deploy to production. Period.

Read the Slides about Continuous Testing and beyond – Software Quality in Web projects

The Lone Stranger or: You can’t establish Clean Code on your own

Clean Code Days 2016 – Munich

You’d love to use Clean Code principles in your project, but you seem to be all alone in the world? If you try to establish Clean Code all by yourself, you will end with rolling the same boulder up the hill again and again, because you can either start fixing the code of others, or try to keep your code clean and watch the rest of the code rot. Both are options, but not good ones. So what can you do?

This talk can roughly be separated into two parts. Firstly we talk about why you need help to get Clean Code into your products, and provide you some bullet-proof arguments which “the Management” can’t deny. But it’s not only about the Management – you have to convince your co-workers, if there are not yet into it. “But Uncle Bob says…” will not be enough, especially in the PHP world.

Nobody can write perfect code at first; it will always require iterations to improve it. So secondly, we introduce some basic Clean Code related measures, which can be added even to existing projects one by one. Here we’ll see how to generally support the daily development and refactoring process. Starting with relatively simple measures like Code Styling and Code Reviews, over to Automated tests, Code Metrics and finally Continuous Integration.

All examples will be in PHP, or PHP-related. However developers from other languages are more than welcome, as we don’t dive deep into the language features and are happy to learn from others.

Read the Slides about The Lone Stranger or: You can’t establish Clean Code on your own

Photo by German Palomesque at the HolidayPirates Company Summit 2019 in Berlin