International PHP Conference Munich 2021

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In October this year, I gave two talks at the International PHP Conference in Munich. I’m pleased that my talk “Coding against climate change” was picked as the keynote on Wednesday. This is a very important topic for me, and according to the positive feedback, I’m not alone with this. The recording is also available on Youtube.

My other talk, “Reduce boilerplate code with PHP 8”, was an extended version of my blog post Reduce boilerplate code with PHP 8, spiced up with a short live coding session. It was the first time I did that, luckily it went well 🙂

It was a lot of fun to attend a real conference and interact with the other people there. A big “thank you” to the great crew of S&S Media, who did a fantastic job. Hopefully, we’ll see each other at the IPC in Berlin next year!

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