Technical Debt and Refactoring – Eurostaff Meetup

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On 23.01.2020, I gave a talk on the Eurostaff Connect Meetup about Technical Debt and Refactoring. Thanks to the kind audience on that evening, it was a pleasure speaking to you. I received a lot of good feedback afterwards.

Information about the Eurostaff Connect Meetup about Technical Debt and Refactoring on 23.01.2020, showing a cool developer ninja
Eurostaff Connect – Meetup about Refactoring and Technical Debt

My talk was based on my recently published (and yet unfinished) articles about this topic. Check them out and let me know your thoughts about it. The actual slides are available on Slideshare.

Special thanks to Dominic, Alina and the rest of the Eurostaff team for being great hosts. I’ll definitely join of the next events as guest again!

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