PyCmd & Console2 – Windows command prompt reloaded

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Finally! A command prompt for Windows that doesn’t suck! Now the Linux guys have no reason to smile at (the) Windows (console) anymore.

It offers you a searchable(!) command history(!) and surely some other cool stuff, but I stopped reading at this point and directly installed it right away.

It integrates nicely with

which amongst other kick ass features allows multi tabs(!) and a not-totally-weird-and-counter-intuitive way to Copy & Paste text. Nice.

Just go to Settings > Console and select the PyCmd executable for “Shell”. If you want to define different tabs go to Settings > Tabs. This way you can also integrate MINGW32, the Linux bash emulator for Windows that comes shipped with Git for Windows.

Ultimate command prompt power unleashed. Sort of.

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